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Non fishing report


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Well we got on the boat about 5 pm yesterday and as it was getting dark we headed over to smiths creek. We read it was going to be windy today and realised we wouldn't be able to get out of the berth without hitting a few other boats and that didn't seem like a very nice thing to do to our neighbours.

We woke up this morning to a wind that has gotten stronger as the day progresses, if it gets any windier they will name it! So far we haven't wet a line, can't launch the dinghy and I can't see the sense in launching kayaks as we won't be able to paddle against the wind.

The forecast says it will start to reduce this afternoon and if that occurs we hope to catch some bream and flatheads. I did notice some very large garfish last night in our underwater lights and we will have a go at them tonight.

Just watched a smaller Riviera try to pick up a buoy where we are, he gave up and moved on, too hard to keep the boat on line.


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Well I moved us out of smiths creek about 4.30pm and we have gone to a mooring near bobbin head. Can't remember the bay's name. Less wind and I caught 1 giant reddie which went about 10 cms. Put up a hell of a fight! I see there is a small window in the wind tomorrow morning about 0630 so we will go in and forget the fishing we didn't do.

Hope every one had better luck than we did.

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