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A few luderick from an old haunt

luderick -angler

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Well the weather forecast looked dodgy! Windy and windier!!!! Trevor arrived around 5.30am and after deliberation for 20 mins I decided to head to a spot in the Eastern Suburbs where I cut my teeth as 14 year old with my late father. Surprisingly we had the ledge to ourselves. In the end it was a short productive session. We managed three each and dropped a couple. By 9am the wind was howling so stumps were called. Now to do it again tomorrow. 363866a6db4af72f5f440b8462b48073.jpg

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Good to see you get some old fella. Back when you were 14!!! That would have been in the late 1950's wouldn't it? Did they have tarred roads back then? :)

I think so mate but we were still using silk fly lines and gut leaders back then for the trout! I think we used to go fishing in an EH Holden ute! Though I hear you can ever the Model T ford as the car of choice!

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