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Can anyone decipher when my 2 batteries were manufactured

Ojay Samson

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Hi all, I'm in the process of rewiring my new (used) boat and want to install a dual battery set up on it. It currently has a 4wd dual battery system in it but would like to give it the axe as I don't trust it. It currently has a ABR - SIDEWINDER unit in it with the remote monitoring station (lcd does not work anymore for voltage readout but switches still work). The previous owner said 1 battery was about a year old and the other one ass about 5 and I want to know which one was the newer and more reliable battery. Here is the picture of the 2 batteries manufacturing melted stamps on the lids... I don't know how to read them. One is a century and the other is a supercharge f24da8ac950dc86de58ade8b5b59f837.jpg61dd8159d72c8a128478ae1af062e024.jpg

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From google:

The code is a string of letters numbers, but all the real information you need is in the first two characters. Usually, the code starts with a letter that corresponds with the month--'A' for January through 'L' for December (some manufacturer's codes omit 'I'; for them, 'M' indicates December). The second character of the code is a numeral that stands for the year. Thus, a code starting 'A2' indicates that the battery was shipped in January 2012. They guy might well have bought it a year or so ago, its just that it could have been sitting on the shelf a while. Its also a good clue to look at when you buy a new one I guess

​Your batteries look ok. Are they struggling to start the motor or losing their charge? Do you have any toys on board?

The Starting batteries aren't so good with them. Maybe consider taking your jump starter out with you

while you save up as a backup and charge them the night before you go. A 4WD or Marine N70 will be good for starting,

then you need to look at a battery for running the toys. If you go the GEL route, then you'll need a different charger too.

Typically, the newer chargers can do it all, but be prepared not get much change out of around $500 for two batteries and a charger.

I got my N70 starting battery from a truck dealer. Good price and it works in my Prado. Can't remember where I got the deep cycle one from

and I waited for the chargers to be on sale

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