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Which side do I mount my electric motor on?


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I have mine mounted on the starboard side of the bow, simply because I wanted the port side free of any obstructions so it would make netting Barra easier.

Then I go and install a canopy which takes all the benifits of having a clear side out of the equation.


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So as flathead said, I've had the bracket installed on the starboard side thinking that I sit on the port side at the rear of the boat and when I pull into wharfs and jetties I tend to come in on the port side. I also wanted to counteract the weight of me on one side and the motor on the other. In saying that, when I dropped the boat off this morning, the fabricator commented that I was the first to ask for the installation on the RHS. Thanks for the feedback guys.

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As the guys have already said, probably the most important considerations are to mount it where it won't get damaged when launching/ docking etc and the make sure it isn't in the way when stowed. Electrics will track best when centred on the bow ( see photo of mine), but it is not always possible to mount like this. Cleats and anchors/ wells can get in the way. post-18248-14737138269316_thumb.jpg

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