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Sunday flick


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Went down the road Sunday arvo for a quick flick as the sun was setting . A couple of flat heads on bloodworm grubs, thought I would try some SP crusteaz , second cast and landed a whiting and then a few tailor. Shows swapping up sp can bring on a whole diff species of fish in the same water. Back to the sp grubz and landed a nice trevally, such a good fighting fish even the smaller ones. All on 6pound braid with 6 pound leader and 1/8 size 1 jig head





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Mate!! I went there with my son on Sunday! It was dead as, but it was

Like 1pm-2.30pm session rift at your spot lol. And another 2 guy were fishing on the left, I could felt one single tiny bite.... Have you ever fished from the jetty on your right? It does it have to be night time for it to be productive.


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