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New 3000 Spin Reel. 2016 Stradic Ci4 FB, Stradic FK, Sustain FG

Captain Spanner

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Hi guys can i please get some opinions on these three reels. It is extremely unlikely i will get a reel that is not a shimano.

I'm looking at getting a new 3000 spin reel for a 2-4kg spin rod (4 piece Crucis) that has alot of grunt for its rating it is not super light hand but is still nice. I'll probably fish 10-12lb braid for squid through to school jewies but it will also be used for bonnie and rat kings.

I am looking at the new 2016 Stradic Ci4+ vs the Stradic FK and Sustain FG. I have read that the 2016 Ci4 has upgraded gears compared to older models so i'm not too worried about comparisons with the old Ci4s. I currently have a Ci4 4000 and have been very happy with it, I think it has magnumlite so is probably the new one.

Quick run down, all similar retrieve ration from what i can see all three have Hagane Gearing.

2016 Ci4+ - 190g, 6+1 bearings, 9kg drag, magnumlite, Core protect - $329

FK stradic - about 230g, 6+1 bearings, 9kg drag, Core protect - $259

FG sustain - about 238g, 8+1 bearings, 8kg drag, magnumlite - $269

I'm not too concerned about the price differences as a deciding factor as my FB stradics are still going strong after more than 10 years (with a few bits replaced as you would expect). I don't really care about cosmetics just function.

Thanks guys

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I've also got both the c4 Stradic and sustain, both have performed very well. The Stradic is starting to look a little worse for where these days partly due to the amount of fish I've landed on it ( it gets used the most) including a 90 cm king.


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Thanks for your input guys. Jon, I'm assuming you ownlu mean the stradic is looking a little more wiser for wear from a cosmetic point of view only? Nothing has got sloppy, sticky or clunky?

No it's still working very well though I do need a new line roller bearing as my one is starting to get noisy. I would defenatly buy another as my daughter seems to of made claim to mine.


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