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Off the blackies and into the trevs


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Since getting into the blackies so much over the past 6 months I'd forgotten my roots of early mornings and late afternoons at the wharf chasing trevs. Promised myself I'd get into them this week so I grabbed some baits yesterday and bought a couple of cigar floats to try.

Hit the wharf this afternoon a couple of hours before the high tide to find the water flat as a pan with no sign of life. A lady there mentioned there had been some guys earlier who had caught a bucketful of trevs in the morning. Excellent, if they were there this morning they'd be in later tonight.

Burleyed with a mix of bread, chicken, prawns and the secret ingredient: squid ink. Fished around 3 metres deep and after an hour of nothing the solid downs started to come. Two nice trevally in around ten minutes and then they did the dash.

Closer to the tide change I started to get some interest again, landing a nice third fish. The bait was still on the hook so I quickly threw it back in and within seconds I had hooked another larger model that gave me a good fight. Had some help this time and a bloke I was chatting to netted him for me.

Yellowtail came on as it started to get dark which was a nice sign as they seemed to have been on holiday from this spot over the past couple of weeks, but their unexpected arrival kind of messed with my program as they were shredding my baits. Packed up the gear and had a quick flick for some squid without much luck before heading home.

Stoked to have had a successful session, trevs really are a hard-pulling fish and it is certainly a rush when you see them beelining for cover under the pylons and having to desperately struggle to pull them out before they snag themselves.

Here's the fish, all around the 35cm mark. Not monsters but still great fun.


Cheers for reading!

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