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another week of spinning the Nambucca


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the week started fairly slow with my roster not overly kind for the sake of fishing but the moses perch have made an appearance to keep me entertained


then on friday a much anticipated fishing trip with one of my workmates out on his boat. We started out casting around some old oyster racks and second cast we were both onto reasonable bream


As we continued along some more oyster racks I decided to live a little and change from hardbodies (my absolute favourite style of fishing) and cast small soft plastics for bream, after a shile

i was getting some small fish then the lure was nailed on the drop after a solid tussle a nice 32cm bream came up


got a couple more bream casint the edges then we came to a creek entrance with scattered weed beds and first cast I was on straight away it was different and out came a decent (and very tasty) whiting


finished off the session casting some fallen trees landing some small GT's and big eyes


ended up landing weel over 20 fish between us and a nice variety of species lures used were "squidgy wrigglers" and "zerek tango shads"

thanks for reading


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