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Help me catch my first drummer!


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I've recently purchased some new gear and would love to get out on the stones to chase some drummer. Trouble is, I've never targeted this species before and my rock fishing experience is limited.

I'm hoping there's a chance someone here might be able to take me out somewhere around Sydney and help me bag my first one. Or at least show me how it's done!

Free to fish on most of the weekends. PM me if interested, I'd love to see what I could learn from an experienced rock fisho.

Lunch of course will be on me!


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You need a good strong rod, from what I've heard. Maybe something like a

surf caster or an Alvey rod

Use a peel prawn on a long shank french hook and tie it directly to

your line with a number 1 or 2 sinker on that mainline. I can go out to the car

and see what the hooks I got sold are, but its raining and I got pizza, red wine

and fredo frog birthday cake

I haven't been out yet, but this is what I've been told.

I went to have a go with another guy, but it looked a bit

rough, so we went beach fishing instead.

Rocks can be slippery so take what ever safety procedures you think

you need

IF you are up on the Central Coast, we can have a go together


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If your fishing from the rocks,low tide is best time for Drummer and if you burley regular dont worry they will come,for blackfisherman they are a pest.

if you want to target them use a stronger line and tackle maybe 10kg line and a small bobby cork similar set up for ludrick but only heavier swivel,line.

Drummer will hit you bang and run ,you will know the difference between a drummer and a blackfish as soon as you hook it.

Then they will try and run to any ledge or reef to try to cut you off,be ready for a big fight,even a small drummer will fight like a bull.

I have caught them on light set ups for luderick and they will take cabbage but they mainly come after burleying and low tide.

You should google what set up to use if you are going to target them.

I only say this because sometimes I catch them by accident and they ruin my rig.

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Cheers for the tips guys and thanks Antony for pulling up a picture of the hooks you use.

I've got a 10' 6-8kg rod that I was planning to use for this. That should do the job, no?

What kind of burley would you use?

Thanks guys.

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Guest Guest123456789

You know how to catch them it's basically the same set up as luderick but a bit stronger. if there is a bit of wash those stem floats can be hard work, ball floats might work better.

Hard part is finding where they are, when they will be there and what they're eating. If no one will help you here or at the spot then you'll have to snorkel it. Also walk the areas at dead low tide. It's just a matter of finding the weed and cunjevoi, not hard.

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Not an expert at catching drummer but I have caught a few around the northern beaches. I usually fish the low tide using peel green/banana prawns. I have a 6-8 kg rod with a size 4000 reel. 7-10kg line, I use mustad hooks 92554 size 1 . small ball sinkers size 00-3 depending on the conditions. Lots of burley regularly will attract the pigs. I take a couple of small floats just in case but I don't usually use them. Always wear the appropriate safety equipment, and enjoy. I am happy to show/share the liltle knowledge I have. send me a PM if you are interested

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Hi guys, 

i never catch drummer. I don't understand why all the people here say that drummer are lest for fisher targeting blackfish!

Blackfish you can catch ONLYwhen tide coming up, and as all you guys are saying drummer in low tide.

They normally live tougher, in fact, when you find blackfish you can find drummer ..... but it's not a rule!!!!!

So, why people say they are pest when catch blackfish? It is contradictory.....



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Lol, I will keep a Drummer 30cm + but most of the time they bust up my Blackfish rig and these days my eye sight is not as good as it was i have to wear glasses to rig up and even then its a struggle,so re rigging is a real pain for me.its always on the lower tide and as for burley I think anything will arouse them.So because my Blackfish rig is very light if a Drummer takes my weed bait it will break my line and I will have to re rig.

But on a scale of 1-10 I would get busted off by a Drummer 2/10 rare but it happens.

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