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Norah Head Central Coast Advice


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Hi Everyone,

Im going to have a bit of a break up on the Central Coast and i was thinking of towing the boat up.

I have been fishing the Central Coast fairly heavily for 10 plus years land based, be it beaches, rocks or estuaries, but i am at a loss when it comes to spots boat based.

The boat is a Quintrex 470 coast runner and i am a capable and very safe skipper but im not willing to go out to texas reef (just a bit too far of a stretch for me in unknown waters).

Theres not much more i can find gps marks wise around norah head. Bird island always looked fishy from Budgewoi Beach and i would be willing to make the run in good conditions (and anywhere north, south or west within that radius but i think any further would be stretching it in relatively unknown waters for me.

So im really looking for some tips, hoping to target snapper but kingies would be great (which means i would also need a squid spot in the area ;) )

Any help or tips would be appreciated wether in reply on the forum or if its a secret spot then a pm would be great.


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the area you refer to as texas is actually the perch grounds ,texas reef is half way out to the kingie reefsin 55mtrs..the perch grounds are 90/100 mtrs...there are heaps of shallow reefs to fish within two miles of bird island..500mtrs nth east of the island is broken ground and small pinnacles..just sound around and im sure u will find some fish..rick

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