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  1. Park in carpark south end of elizabeth beach walk up track over to shelley beach across beach go round rocks to east and south about 100mtrs go past big high rock and you will see ledges ectending south
  2. Take some single strand wire if you get bit off there will be spanish
  3. You can also fish the ledge 60mtrs north of this point hat head main ledge is more suited to spinning as the current swerps around point near impossible to fish baits
  4. Try hungry head the douthern end of the hat head rocks fish the south east corner in front of the jew bite yakkas on bsit jigs cadt out berley at your feet with bread other name is kemps corner il try put foto up
  5. I get them on moonee beach at catherine hill bay also birdie beach try and find flat beaches as they give you longer between wash hitting you steep beaches are no good
  6. Thete are too many dangerous spots to mention but fraser park area on central coast is a black spot with quite a few deaths
  7. Stop it im 4.5 hrs away and stuk workin
  8. Yes the cspertee flows east the turon flows west i havnt been able to find any info on fish in the system i dont think bass could get that far up an i dont think its cold enough to hold trout cant find anyone who has caught a fish in it
  9. The bay to northeast between cvalley nth and summerland pt anchor in 2.5 mtrs and burley fish floating baits of prawn pilly or mullet strips bream galore
  10. Has anyone caught fish in the capertee river
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