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Perfect day - Tough fishing


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It was the perfect day, sun shining, water flat as a tack, warm weather, everything was great - except the fishing.

We left for Roseville boat ramp at 4am, and got on the water by 5. As we cruised past north head, we were all wondering about what fish we would catch first. We pulled up to a random spot, and decided to have a go there. After 10 minutes of waiting, i finally got a bite. You could easily tell it was small, but the old man and his mate were arguing if it was morwong or flattie, but to their surprise, it was a tiny scorpionfish.

Our luck just got worse, and after heading to some wrecks and having no catches, we decided to go to a few unmarked locations that my dad and his friend remembered from when they used to fish a lot. It was, to my surprise, slightly successful, with a few flatties just over the legal size (all went back). After 7 hours of fruitless fishing, we headed home.

Two lessons were learnt - more planing is needed ( it was planned the night before) and perfect days do not always equal perfect fishing.


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