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Lewmar V700 Windlass


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Hey Raiders,

I'm looking at installing an anchor winch. Has anyone had experience with the Lewmar V700 Windlass. http://www.lewmar.com/node/11627

Looking for any experience or insights regarding Lewmar or windlass style anchor winches.

I have pretty much come to the conclusion I cannot install a drum type winch due to restricted space without some serious modifications that I'd rather not embark on.



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Hi guys... have spoken to a few folks that PM'd me and have taken their experience/advice on board... it appears that the windlass type of winches like the Lewmar still need to have the anchor rope tied off to prevent the anchor deploying when under way (also checked the owner manual and it also states that you should not rely on the rope being held in the gypsy when under way)... hmmm this meant I'd still have to make a trip to the bow to tie off the rope and it kind of defeated the idea of hands free anchoring fro the helm position.

So I have decided not to proceed with a windlass type... and now back looking at drum types.

Thanks everyone....

Cheers Zoran

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