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  1. Chris ... mate .... that one trumps them all ! ... congratulations ⭐ and 🏆. You'll be sinking a few beers over that one for quite a while. Cheers Zoran
  2. @Burger mentioned “wind swell” on top of base swell. I think it’s important to add to that point…The rule of thumb for wind and swell is you get 1m of swell for every 10kts of wind, where the wind has been been blowing across the ocean for quite some distance. So a 20kt south easter will bring up a 2m SE swell on top of what ever else (tide, swell etc) is going on. So look at the wind speed and how long it’s been blowing in that direction as well. cheers Zoran
  3. Thinking back it’s been like this with very few flatties since that minesweeper was conducting training mid 2023. That low freq sonar must really play havoc with fish stocks. cheers Z
  4. Sorry to hear. But at least you got out on the briny and had a go.
  5. Well done Ian, you always put in a solid effort and great report. Pity about the hairy ... but that's fishing. Reminds me a bit of when you threw away the gemfish at the boat 🤭🤭🤭 Cheers Zoran
  6. Nicely done Rob .... definitely whetting my appetite for some fresh flat fish ! Cheers Zoran
  7. Excellent result as always Bob ... you're a master. Ty should feel well privileged for the opportunity and experience. Cheers Zoran PS - see ya soon !
  8. Oh Dave ... you really must be missing me ... you risked a grand theft charge just to keep the motor ticking over ... you are such a champion mate !!! BTW, hope you cut my lawn while there ? PS - Don't worry about the fishy blood ... I have a scrubber with your name on it ... I'll supervise you detailing devOcean after your next outing. Cheers Z
  9. I really tried to take devOcean ... but could not figure out how to get over the 3554kg of excess baggage .... also the water here is a bit stiff to launch and retrieve ... ... but soon it will be time to take devOcean for a swim ... I'm getting desperate for a fishy feed !!!!! Cheers Z
  10. I knew you'd figure it out Fabian ... clearly I'm laying lines way too close to the TOP of the tide ... you reckon I'd do better when it drops eh? ...
  11. Good to see you’re still slaying them Chris. Well done. cheers Zoran
  12. Hmmm not so far 🤔… but I have used them to sooth the joints used to keep the lines straight 😆
  13. Clearly amateurs ... no rod racks, no esky ... seriously 🤣
  14. Yup. They have strange trolling setup here for sure. Still haven’t figured if it’s Yam or Merc powered tho 🫣. I’ll report back if I find out. Hiding in plain sight - if you know where to look! Not everything is frozen… quite a bit of SP here !!! Which might make somebody irate for sure 😂 SP- soft powder ! Thanks BN. I hop to be posting soon too. I wish there was a way to download and catch up on all the reports offline - I’ve got 20+hours of travel on the way back. Take care. Thanks @Burger … snow?!?! All I see is stiff water… still trying to understand all the local species and their habits… seems after hours of dashing around stiff water they all converge on local watering holes - I don’t remember much after that 🤔 But yes BC, Canada. Thanks Donna… I fear everyone would be bored 🥱… unless they are stiff water addicted? Cheers everyone! Z
  15. Hey Raiders, Been a while since I have posted in the fishing forums. Basically I've been trying to figure out how to land something worth reporting on in all this stiff water ... any advice? Anyway ... so far I've managed to keep all my lines tight and to avoid major snags ... still hoping to land a big one tho! Be back soon ... please leave some Mahi Mahi for me ! Cheers Zoran
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