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Outside Port Hacking


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Headed out at sunrise this morning to have a fish around Jibbon Bombie.

Plenty of birds flying, but not much feeding happening - plenty of shearwaters, a few gannets, terns and 1 albatross. Wind slop made it a bit bouncy.

Tried a few lures, and the only hit was from a dive bombing gannet.

Moved a bit south of the bombie to bottom bash for a flattie, but no luck. The only critters I saw were 2 small dolphins travelling at high speed, and a little while later a shark swam around and under the boat. It stayed for a few minutes, about 5 foot long, but a bit hard to I.D. due to the surface chop. Looked like a whaler.

So I moved back to Bate Bay where I found some flatties. It took several hours to land 10 legals, a lot of undersized ones along with the usual pesky spikies. The biggest was 53cm, and the rest below 45 down to not much over legal.

Back to base about midday.

No photo again, might be time for a new phone shortly.

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Nathan, if you discount the wind slop, and the wind, a few fish made it a bit more bearable. The wind eased off around 10 to 11 am.

South of the bombie, the waves were deflecting from the rocks, so there were those waves, the wind waves from a slightly different direction, and the swell waves from another direction again. No rock fishos about, as they would have been swimming.

Have not fished inside the Port for a couple of months now, as a feed of flatties from outside is usually guaranteed around this time of year, depending on wind and swell conditions.


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