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Help Would I catch Fish here Melville Ford Aberglasslyn near newcastle nsw


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HI Everyone

Just wondering I dont have much experience at all fishing and was wondering what I could possibly catch here. The river is flowing pretty strong at the moment its very murky/muddy though sometime it just trickles through not much deeper than waist height and sometimes it flows pretty good after heavy rain. What could I expect to catch here and what would everyone recommend. Ie live bait plastics, lures tackle setup etc. Im hoping this spot will be ok to fish from see below that pic show river very high sometimes you can walk under most of the bridge and its only 3 metres wide of water not 50 metres as shown here.


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Best to seek local knowledge. Ask at a tackle shop if there is one nearby.

I would say there is only one way to find out and that's to have a go and see what turns up!

Others here are more knowledgeable and might be able to tell you what the river is likely to hold if anything.

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