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Walked in to a new shop called BCF today to have a look, as I was in the market for a general purpose rod and reel for fishing outside and for when I move to Darwin in January next year. All I can say is "what a store" I believe its owned by the Supa Cheap mob and it is a mans paradise with all the stuff us blokes like. Any way after spending about an hour looking at all the stuff and dreaming about a lot of it I walked out with a Shimano TLD 25 and matched it up with a 7ft Wilson Live fiber rod (15-24kg) and got some Bionic braid to spool it up with, sinkers and some hooks and after the wife (Minister for War and Finance) gave me the green light. I was off, Happy as a pig in mud. I think this will be a good combo to start with in my outside fishing experiences and all these items were on special so that was a bonus :thumbup: All I need now is time off work to go out :1fishing1: . Has any one else seen these stores or are they just in Queensland at the moment?

Cheers Gaven :biggrin2:

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