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Kingfish at last !


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G'day Fellow Raiders,

Bought the boat in march this year to primarily catch Kingfish but by the time I came to know a few Kingie spots it was already winter.

Got my Dad visiting us from Canada so took him to Fishing in the harbour as he hasn't caught a decent saltwater specie for a few years now.

Just one fish in the first 5 hours and just when we decided to call it a day and try one last spot, Boom , Boom!! First Kingfish for the boat,

2 Flatties, 2 Trevally and a whiting (All legal) in a matter of half an hour!!

Kingie fight gave my old man a very wide smile and relief for the skipper!!



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nickb, the left of that first picture looks like the gladesville bridge to me, pretty impressive to get decent kings round there. Mmm, I love it when it starts to warm up and the fishraiders all head out again, these last couple of weeks have seen a surge in quality catches.

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