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Sambos on bream gear & soft vibes


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Late report, but here goes.

Spent the afternoon with a mate fishing Canada Bay before he went overseas for a while back in winter & have barely been fishing since.

Was an interesting little session. With only one soft vibe between us, we were quickly surrounded by salmon busting up all over the joint, disturbing an otherwise glassed out waterway. We hadn't even finished rigging up when this monstrosity of a bustup began making its way along the wall towards us. Never seen anything quite like it. In a panic, I couldn't decide between the rod and the camera and soon it was gone with neither footage nor fish captured.

But we didn't have to wait long for the action. Whilst unresponsive to my hardbody selection, they had no problems pouncing on Nick's Jackall, quickly turning our frustration into fun.

I manned the camera and he manned the fish, first dropping one, then landing another in front of a gathering crowd. I continued with the hardbodies in vain, eventually switching to a blade in lieu of a softie. The switch paid dividends, with the skinniest 38cm whiting ever soon falling victim, followed by a feisty almost-legal flathead. Nick capped off the day with another 55cm salmon on the soft vibe when we were about to throw in the towel.

Anyway, here's the salmon part of the story:

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They're some nice fish you got there! :banana: Sambo's on light gear are great fun, i always keep a few small metals on me whilst bream fishing just for that reason (also if i get sick of choppers destroying my plastics haha) Good to see Canada Bay producing, I haven't fished there in a while, this might change that though!

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Savit, vibe was a jackall 55mm. Smallest I've come across and good for bream.

Haven't fished Canada Bay since but the flatties should be on like donkey Kong.

Thank you jdanger.

If 55mm was good enough for 55cm salmon, then my 120mm vibe should be good for 120cm one (just dreaming).

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