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A couple of three hour sessions on the Cooks (Landbased)

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Hi everyone,

I've been lurking on these forums for quite some time, and recently asked for some advice regarding my SP/spinning set-up. I took that advice on-board, and decided to get back out there this weekend, hitting the Cooks on Friday night and today. I wanted to share with you all my little report, as I've got some new PBs, and had a blast.

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone here for your advice and help, I've been suffering with bad anxiety for the past few months, and it's been tough building up the courage to get out the door and catch the train with my rods in hand. Reading all your reports, especially in this section of the forum, just made me realise: I miss fishing and need to get out. It was tough, especially taking the train, as I hate the looks and the backwards comments from backwards people just cause you've got a fishing rod and smell of sunscreen haha!. Any who, let's begin the report.


We left work around 4PM, and were on the banks of the Cooks for 5-ish. After working a particular stretch to no avail, we decided to make our way to another spot, where we would stay from 5:40ish to about 8pm.


My mate: 3 to 6kg Shimano raider with a Shimano sedona 2500 reel with 10lbs braid and 10lbs fluorocarbon

Me: 2-4 kg Shimano Bushy Bait Baitrunner with a Shimano sienna 2500 reel with I believe 6lbs braid and 6lbs fluorocarbon

We started with 1/8oz Jigheads, rocking 75mm Squidgy Wrigglers in Bloodworm colour - we were well on our way to another doughnut. This is when I remembered the advice provided on these forums, and decided to change my end-tackle.

I cut my leader off, and re-tied a new strech, about 1.5m long (only had 50cm leader before that). I coupled it with a 1/20 oz jighead, and put on a Zman Grubz Motoroil colour. This was the best decision I could make.

2 or 3 casts in, and I'd hooked-up onto what was my first Bream: 25cm. I was stoked. Another few casts, and a few baby Flathead later, and it was already dark, and things were winding down.

My mate had switched to the smaller Jighead, but just wasn't hooking-up. We decided to stay a little more, as I really wanted him to catch his first australian fish. But to my surprise, it was me catching again: a 48 cm Trevally. This bad boy was an awesome fight on the light tackle, and a new PB for me. I was over the moon! What a way to finish to night.


We decided to head out again around lunch time, for a few hours. A different stretch this time. It was hard going, so many snags down this way(I'm mad I've lost 3 or 4 Zman Grubz... :( ).

After an hour of nothingness, I was on, and pulled up a 42cm Flathead, nice fish, but I wanted more! And my friend was still to catch!

We stayed very mobile, always on the move, casting a few times in a spot and then moving on.

Finally! My mate hooks up on a little flathead and... it's gone. One headshake is all it took... does that count? No!

A few casts later and he is on again, a 32cm flathead, finally he has popped his Australian fishing cherry!

As things got quieter, I decided to switch to the only hard-body that I had, and pulled in a couple of Bream, the biggest going 26cm.

All in all a great couple of sessions, can't wait for more!


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Congrats on your captures and getting your mate onto a fish! Looks like you've got a case of fishing addiction which many on this site suffer from!

As you develop your technique and gain more experience, you might find downsizing your tackle further might get you connected to more fish. Lighter line (say 4lb braid to be able to cast further and let the lure sink faster) and light leaders too (4lb to start with but will depend on water clarity and if there are lots of snags. 6lb is good at Cooks) and lighter rods (say 1-3lb graphite rods). Part of the fun of fishing is also playing with the endless options of fishing tackle ...

Good luck and keep the reports coming in.

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Guest Guest123456789

Great report, my favourite part was the trevally fight on light gear, bet he took some drag out!! Thanks for sharing.

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Cheers guys! I've had a few good sessions here and there since, but nothing to write home about. 

Tonight I'm heading back to the Cooks for a few hours fishing the run-in from low tide for a few hours... Maybe another report on the way if I manage to pull another fat Trev or Bream!

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Nice fish bro but don't be eating it,the pollution in the cooks river has been really bad for over 40 years.

Dept of Fisheries also say eating fish west of Sydney Harbour Bridge is not advised for those who fish Sydney Harbour.Due to toxins and pollution.

Just letting people know.

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