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Jewfish in smiths creek


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We went out Friday afternoon and put out a line before going to bed and in the morning we had hooked a 43 cm Jewfish. Last night we did the same thing and I woke up to check the rod at 2 am and we had a circa 70cm fish on the end. These were both caught on our lightest rod with a small bream hook and a third of a prawn.

have fished smiths creek many times but never caught a jewfish here before.

Time to go back to sleep.

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Nice Harold. I was just getting up when you wrote the post. Lol.

Smiths creek has some great area for jew depending on the time of year. Well two in two nights it looks like it's October!

Beautiful weather, hope you enjoy with your family!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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I wanted to add that the larger jewfish we caught last night was actually dead. The poor thing had swum against the reel and rod for who knows how long and had succumbed to exhaustion. I tried to swim it in the water as we wanted to let it go but it showed no sign of life.

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