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Kingfish are here


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Finally, went jigging today at 5.30am. we caught 4 Trevally and one Salmon. Then we headed for the sands and drifted with Slow Jigs for Flatties and managed to get one. Caught a small 50cm Kingy then called it time to go home. Agreed that we would do one more 10 min session at a favourite spot.

Bang Bang, two Kings landed in 15 min. Both went 68cm.

Happy days, there here, finally!!

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Nice bag of fish! Where exactly were you fishing at?

We launched at Port Kembla. Very good bag of fish. I am sure we would have caught more Kings but my mate had a family event he had to get to.

Glad to hear you had success on the slow jigs, show us some pics next time!

Yes I need to remember to take photo's. Never tried for Flatheads using Slow Jigs. Had a lot of bites once I started to really slow down the lure. Used a 20g Pirate Jig but different brand. Was very effective. Keen to try this in the lake this year.

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