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A day at Terrigal


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Went for a look at the new ramp at Terrigal Saturday morning.

Popped out through all the swimmers and divers and anchored up trying for some livies

to chase kings later on. Very windy and we didn't get any livies so headed out

a bit further and started getting snags. Wind was getting up too.

Practiced with my baitcaster, and didn't get any nests

so was happy with that.

We started getting some action but no keepers. 11 port jacksons, some were really

big, half a dozen moray eels, a sargent baker, a dozen small flatties, some flower cod

and finally a couple of yellowtails.

Put them in for live bait but they didn't seem to do much. Saw a large squid chasing a bait

back but couldn't temp it with the squid jigs. Broke the tip off my rod and then headed back in.

So no keepers and lost a bit of gear but it still beats working!

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No pontoons at Terrigal. But the ramp is a lot steeper so the boat is in a good depth before the car needs to get wet wheels. A set of steps go down to the sand on the right hand of the ramp looking to sea. The cross ramp swell will still be an issue.

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I read an article when the project began that it was going to get pontoons aswell, Which would have made drop off & pickup a lot easier ...But I guess they ran out of FUNDS ...LOL....

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