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Tough times on the trevs


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Had a late afternoon session at the old haunt today hoping to catch a couple of yakkas and put my heavy rod to work with some livies out. Had the other rod ready to keep me busy prospecting for some trevally on a lightweight float setup.

Unfortunately the yakkas seemed to have some sort of out-of-area conference or were on holiday; I didn't get a touch or nip on them all afternoon.

Did however manage a couple of nice trevally. The two were a couple of hours apart and the bites were few and far between, so pretty tough fishing!


The larger of the two would have been close to 40cm, quite a nice specimen! Was rather lethargic in his fight and didn't struggle much. Found out why after removing my own hook when I discovered a few feet of line and someone else's hook at the back of his mouth. Poor fella didn't get away this time!

Sashimi on the menu tomorrow night!

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Well Done on the TREVS ! Look's like it's been tough times on all Fish lately .... I spent the whole day on the Harbour on Sunday after dropping off the Wife & kids at Luna Park for the day & it was Tough going for me aswell with No yakkas to be found in any of the usual spots I normally get them..

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