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Bream not in the mood [emoji102]


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Yesterday I went out to catch some bream in the hawksbury river,

I saw the high tide was 1.7m at sunset,I thought the right elements were there for a good days fishing,but hmmm,all was quiet,it seemed the bream I was after were just not interested,

I have been watching the weather and tides to pick the favourable times,but with that said I have caught my largest bream at a very low tide in the middle of the day.

I'm reading more to try and understand this fish but they are still a mystery sometimes.

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As Cargo said, it's always great to just enjoy being out there!

When I started I was very determined and would be disappointed to come home empty handed. Now I tend to just enjoy being outside.

Read and learn what you can, you'll always find some new information or techniques that will help you catch more fish, but I don't think it's possible to 'figure them out' entirely.

That's why it's fun!

Keep at it! :sun:

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It's tough out there in the Hawkesbury at the moment. Briefly chatting to some other fishos at the boat ramp, we've all been struggling this past month. I think the fishing will pick up in a few more weeks when the water gets warmer.

I took the dhingy out for a Saturday morning fish too and only managed a couple bream, one was just over 40cm which was a nice surprise.

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