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The upgrade of the forum is scheduled to take place this coming weekend


We will go offline at about 9.30 pm on Friday night 21st October and be offline until sometime Sunday.

I will be communicating via our facebook page - please find it https://www.facebook.com/fishraider1/ and like it. Make sure you get notifications set up as I will be letting people know what is happening as we proceed. If you don't use facebook keep checking in on Sunday to see if we are online again.

Webmaster and myself will be co-ordinating this and 2 members have offered some hours to assist. I am asking for anyone who would have some time over the weekend to message me. I may need some people to do some testing and things. If you have any spare time send me a msg please.

Our webmaster is very experienced and knows our forum very, very well. We thank him for his work over the years and if I ever win lotto he will be getting something very special :)

Have a great week everyone

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