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LED bung lights


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Hey Peeps

Wiring some electronics through the boat soon just wondering if anyone has any experience with LED bung lights? I plan to wire one to the same switch as my anchor light just don't want it to be a rubbish light that doesn't light up the surrounding space well enough.


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I started off with 1 which had 3 X LED lights built into it ... The strongest i could find But it didn't light up as much as i thought it would . So on it's own don't expect it to light up the back of the boat......

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Hey guys!

I have been waiting for a good bung light for ages! US have some good ones claiming 1000 lumens and the videos look good, however they use a different thread to our bungs. I don't want to change the bungs on mine.

So there is one that fits my boat, but they don't look that great: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/12V-9W-STANDARD-COARSE-THREAD-BLUE-TRANSOM-BOAT-UNDERWATER-LED-BUNG-LIGHT-KIT-/282074521809?hash=item41acf3a0d1:g:0O8AAOSw-jhUFqzD

The america version I am talking about: https://boatpluglight.myshopify.com/collections/drain-plug-led-lights/products/the-typhon

But I do feel the Lumitec is the one to go with, but like you I am hesitant to drill holes in the boat but I might go down that path. Already have the bait pick up going through the boat. If sealed properly it should be fine... still thinking though.

Anyway to get the american bung on our thread?

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I had 2 waterproof LED from china, then drilled a hole in my bung plus, put the leds in, and sealed with hot glue.

The cables where connected to a small 12V battery, inside the boat ( didnt want to risk shorting my main battery )

Did work well, for a whyle. Then one of the leds went off, then the other.

Planned is to cooperate with a friend who has a 3d printer, He would print bung plugs witht he correct wind for the leds.

And I might seal the cable connection a bit better.

Photos are at home



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4 hours ago, rexaway1234 said:

Lumitec Seablaze X - the bright models vs their base version

just google them there is plenty of info and their website and youtube videos too.

got them from the US

Yeah, and they aren't cheap by any means... :blink:

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Just the response I was looking for rexaway1234. The lumitecs look the goods buy boy they are expensive!!

I might try out the minis (sold on eBay as twin packs): they are definately less expensive on eBay US. 

Any other experience with less expensive alternatives? I would hate to go to the trouble of installing to watch a cheaper set fail after 6-12 months.

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