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Buying a new boat......any tips?


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Hi everyone, I am about to embark on the boat ownership journey with my wife and 3 boys. We are looking at a 481 Fishabout with 75hp ETEC.

I've been to many boat shows and have visited many dealers and originally narrowed it down to the Fishabout and Stacer Baymaster. The Baymaster is just a tiny bit longer on the trailer which would prevent me from closing the garage door so that eliminated that option.

I've been feeling confident about our decision, however as I get closer to walking into the dealership to buy I can't help feel that I am about to get ripped off.

Can anyone on here give me some advice on how much room there usually is to negotiate on the advertised price?

Cars often have a fair bit of room to move, however is it the same with boats?

Just looking for some tips on how to best take the next step to making the purchase.


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Probably not much at this time of year as this is when they sell the most boats. Look at different quintrex dealers on Boatsales and ring around. I found Hunts marine in Sydney to offer the best deal and Caloundra marine in Qld but I'm sure others will match a deal if your ready to buy. Cheers.

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I found there was wiggle room in the price and when they hit bottom we upgraded some of the options, when I purchased my boat in April this year.

It helped that my wife was sick of me talking about boats and she drove a hard bargain.

Once they gave us there best offer we sat down for a coffee and made sure it ticked all the boxes and We paid the money.

The boat show was great as we had two dealers and was able to start with one and the see the other, then played the Stacer v Quintrex card as well.

My suggestion is go the 4 stroke if possible, I have the Etec and like it but a 4 stroke is just that cut above.


Have you finances ready and when you know your price tell them them the deal will be done and deposit paid now if they can meet it, that way they know your serious.

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Thanks guys for your feedback.

Jeff - I am really interested in your comment about the 4 stroke. I was looking at the Yamaha 4 stroke as an alternative, however was told the ETEC had more grunt for things like tubing or knee boarding etc. What is it you prefer about the 4 stroke? It might just convert me back to the Yamaha.


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Now we are back online:

Don't get me wrong i like me Etec, it excellent on fuel, more than enough power, looks great and runs well.

its just the Yamaha & Honda 4 strokes are so quiet a that is a big thing when i have the family in the boat, when it me and a mate fishing it doesn't matter.

Cant put my finger on it just something i think about occasionally

I went the Etec as i could have a 115hp for the same price as the 90hp Suzuki 4 stroke and it weighs less than the 4 stroke.

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the other boats that might meet your specs is the polycraft brumby cuddy with Honda 4 stroke. Or the smartwave sw4800 with 60 Suzuki 4 stroke

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