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Hi all, currently looking at buying a new boat. I currently have a quintrex 455 escape and I do a wide range of fishing from estuary to near coastal.

I have had my boat for 8 years and during that time I have discovered what kind of fishing I enjoy the most and sadly my runabout just does not suit.

My justifications for the renegade are the below, I intend on one with a side console.

  • The freshwater boat style layout
  • Ability to transport my camping gear
  • Cheap
  • Casting platforms
  • Stowages

My questions are

  • Do they go alright on open waters on a good day (swells less then 1.5 meters) I have taken my escape to broughton island, bird island and sit in between the heads of broken bay.
  • Do they handle well with 3 people on board?
  • What avergae speeds do you get? I am looking at a 40hp for one.
  • Does the transom ever cause back wash?

Anyother reviews and feedback would be great.



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I was in a similar position to you about 3 years ago. I had a 430 Escape with a 40hp, 4 stroke Mercury. Whilst it was great for inshore, river, and estuary bait fishing, it wasn’t ideal for flicking lures. I spent a lot of time researching a new boat and finally settled for a 450 Top Ender SC with a 60hp, 4 stroke Yamaha. I chose the Top Ender, rather than the Renegade, because I liked the Blade hull with the flared bow, it had a few more features, and I had the same concern as you with the transom. The 450 Top Ender has a maximum capacity of 5 people. Personally I reckon that if you are flicking lures/SP then 2 is the limit. Any more and you are in each other’s casting space.

I fitted a vertical rod holder (capacity of 4 rods) to the side of the console, and a horizontal one on the side pocket on the port side to get the rods out of harm’s way. I also fitted a 55lb Minn Kota which is ideal for flicking lures, but if I was doing it again I would get the 80lb, 24 volt (2 batteries). The 55lb struggles in fast tides and strong wind. I should have ordered the EPIRB and fire extinguisher bins to get these safety items out of the way, but still have them readily accessible in case of an emergency.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase, but, unlike the Escape, if there is a bit of swell/waves and a head wind you will get a bit damp.

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Thanks for the feedback about the Top ender, as much as I appreciate them I dont appreciate the price lol. 

I am glad I am not ht eonly one concerned about the transom on the renegade how ever the top ender I reckon is as bulky as my escape.

The biggest problem I find with the runabouts is that its so hard to find conveint spots for things like fishing rod holders etc. If I buy a new boat I wont be doing any mods as I find it easy too 'frankensteine them' then next thing you know you have all these cheap crap accessorys that either break.

I am still keen on the 420 model mainly because of affordibility and size.

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Guest Guest123456789

Hi JA,

Even if a freak wave washed slop over the transom would the boat sink? They're loaded with foam I wouldn't think so. Also the bilge would make light work of it assuming it's a 900gph pump.

The local quintrex dealer told me the same thing about the transom when looking at the renegade 420. The cynic in me says it's a ploy to get you to buy a bigger boat.

i had a look at a 460 renegade with the upgraded transom. Unless you have a waist like Jennifer Hawkins there is no way you're getting easy access to the stern of the boat behind the seats unless you put the passenger one forward. And who wants to send your passenger up front with the extra spray and bounce?

i bought the stacer rampage and I regret not buying either the quintrex 420 renegade or stacer outlaw 429 with the standard transom. I would get the tiller steer too as even though I could have got the console the small amount of protection from wind and spray as well as better access to the sounder isn't as important as the additional deck space a tiller steer give you IMO.

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Hey flatty, Yeh im not worried about being swamped, or sinking. Just want to know if the little waste they have on it is effective?

Apperentlly they are fitted with auto bilge.

I also enjoy tiller steer as you can get more room and space also 3k cheaper, how ever the comfort of a centre console is also conveinient, especially with mounting a sounder.

Just still trying to sell my boat at the moment, are we aloud to sell them on this forum? I noticed i could not access the sales thread.


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Guest Guest123456789

There is a whole section on the home page call and swap and sell. 

The clutter amd dodgy accessories aspect you point out my boat suffers from. I saw a 440 outlaw at the dealer that had a carpetted rod locker on the port side. Couldn't see inside it but it looked awesome, would help keep the deck clear and also stop you from falling over the side. Looked strong enough to stand on too.

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I call it 'frankensteining'

Yes I noticed that but I cant seem to post an ad. How ever if I did I would be in breach of forum guidlines as its advertised on scum-tree and ebay.

It be good to hear back from someone who ownes a renny though

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I have a 420 Renegade and bought it new 3 years ago. To answer some of your questions.. Yes waves will occasionally come in through the transom in swell/chop or boat wake. Its never enough to be a big problem and yes they come standard with auto bilge if you ever take too much water, Usually this has happened to me while fishing in torrential rain for hours.

I have a 50hp 4 stroke Yamaha and get about 55kmph out of it. 3 people is fine but I would in no way put an engine under 50hp on one. I have spoken to other owners who have 40's and regret not going bigger.

They can handle offshore conditions quite well and I regularly have mine a few km's offshore. Just check the weather religiously and stay away from any strong wind and you'll be fine doing light offshore stuff.

The other must have bit of gear has been a 55lb Minn Kota Ipilot. Easily my favourite bit of gear on the boat.


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Good news!!!!

The what-a-mess has been sold, and I have ordered my new 420 Renegade S.C with a 40hp Merc 4 banger.

Bad news though it may not be ready until after christmas......Good thing I have my little tinny with a 15hp Johnno on it. Thats if i get desperate, I have alot of renovations on at the moment.

I am unsure what I will name her yet but was thinking along the lines of the 'Bass Hole' or the 'Master Baiter'



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