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Inspecting/changing impellor Pt 1.


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Hi guys,as you guys may know the recommended service intervals for impellor replacement is usually yearly.

When I purchased my boat in 2011 brand new I made a mental note to myself to see if I could get 5 yrs out of the impellor meanwhile keeping an eye on the tell tale for the whole duration of that period and when that time lapsed I would inspect and replace the necessary components as needed to prove to myself if a yearly impellor replacement as I would do prior really was necessary.

I'll try to give some tips to those of you willing to learn how to replace the impellor a go a long the way demonstrating on my Yamaha 30hp  which will be similar for all outboards and hp ranges on how I go about things.

These are the basic hand tools needed.image.jpgThe first thing you want to do is make sure the gear selector is in the neutral position.image.jpgimage.jpgNow you want to disconnect the gear selector linkage at the outboard leg by cracking loose the locknut and unscrewing the nut by using one 10mm spanner and a shifter in my case.Just crack the locknut loose and screw the top linkage nut without disturbing the lock nut until both halves of the linkage are disconnected.

This is the connection you want to Disconnect.image.jpgI will continue in part 2 so I can upload photos.

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