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Inspecting/changing impellor


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Gear selector is now disconnected.image.jpgOn my engine there's four 12mm bolts holding the gear case onto the leg which need to be removed prior to pulling the lower leg off.

Here are those four bolts,2 on either side.image.jpgYou want to remove all the bolts but leave the last one on by a couple of threads to prevent the leg from falling on the ground when prying the lower leg off the mid section as a safety precaution especially when you get up there in the hp ranges as the legs can be pretty heavy on those outboards.

Some times the leg will separate on its own through gravity when loosening the bolts,other times you'll need to give them a pry with a pry bar or screwdriver.

Heres the ideal spot to gently pry from if needed for leverage but be careful as your dealing with aluminium.image.jpgContinued in pt 3.

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