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Inspecting/changing impellor


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Here is a view of the impellor,notice the bend in the vanes.image.jpgThey're bent to the left when looking down from the top telling me that the driveshaft turns clockwise to the right.Keep that in mind for later.

   The impellor is mounted to the drive shaft over a woodruff key that prevents the impellor from free spinning on the driveshaft.

To remove the impellor will need gentle prying with a screwdriver in between the impellor and base plate.image.jpgImpellor removed exposing the woodruff key and base plate.Note the locating dowels.Be careful sometimes the woodruff key falls out and other times it's stuck good like mine,either way don't lose it as you'll need it later.

The woodruff key.image.jpgNow the base plate can be removed up the drive shaft exposing the drive shaft seal.

Continued part 6

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