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Inspecting/changing impellor


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Take note of the keyway(slot) this side goes face down over the woodruff key.image.jpgOk for demonstration purposes I'm going to re-install this same old impellor as I have bought one online that won't arrive until Tuesday.A new impellor will have straight vanes and every step I show will be the same for the new one.

  Before you install the new impellor or kit that you buy you'll need to lubricate a few things.

you'll want to put a dab of grease on the drive shaft splines,Lightly grease the inside of the impellor housing and O ring,the impellor itself,the bolts for the impellor housing,the o ring for the drive shaft housing,the gear shift linkage,the lower leg bolts.

greased drive shaft spline.image.jpgImpellor housing and o ring lightly greased with rubber grease.image.jpgContinued part 9

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