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Ways to Rig 2" Gulp Shrimp?


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So I have a bunch of 2" gulp floating shrimps I bought ages ago before I knew anything about fishing. Fast forward to now and I'm looking to get some use out of them in Sydney harbour (up near iron cove or cooks river) but I don't have the right gear to cast lightly weighted plastics around.


I'll be using a Bushy Legends 742 which is more of a bait rod with cast range of 7-21grams with a medium action.


Anyway, I've been reading about how some people rig them with unweighted hooks to use as surface lures. But I was also thinking: could they be rigged as a drop shot/paternoster or even a sliding sinker style?

Anybody tried different rigging methods to work around equipment limitations?

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Weighted twist lock hooks, not sure if there are any in the small hook size with enough weight for your rod. 

I'd throw on a size 3 1/16 on a paternoster  which will keep the lure in action. But you may as well use bait. Could always crimp on some split shots to add weight for casting ?. Otherwise use the current in your favour and let the lure drift as intended.


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I actually have a few belly weighted twist lock worm hooks. But they're in a size 3/0 which are perfect for my 3" shrimps but think they will probably bee a bit small for the 2". 


When I head out this week I'll probably try a bunch of rigs anyway. Just testing the waters, so to speak.

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I would try two options.


1. Carolina rig - running sinker down to a swivel, followed by 60cm of leader with your shrimp on an unweighted hook. Will let you cast and get the lure down whilst letting the lure present freely. 

Problem: the floating shrimp might look funny as it'll just float mid-column above the sinker, probably vertically.


2. Tie your lure using a loop knot, but place a tiny sinker in the loop, UNDER the eye of the hook. Will basically work like a soft plastic with a little extra movement. Should look good when it sits on the bottom as the tail of the prawn will point up, away from the sinker.


Let us know how you go.

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I did end up heading out but didn't end up trying all the different rigs I wanted to. Went with a 1/8 jig head a but it was too heavy for Rodd Point. Tried an unweighted 1/0 bait hook too but the way I rigged it I wasn't happy with the action. and neither were the fish.

I would definitely recommend Rodd Point on a high tide though. Tonnes of life around there at the moment. I spotted large mullet, gars, bream hiding around some boulders, little schools of shrimp and other bait fish and even crabs. If you know how to catch bream (unlike me) you will probably have some good fun.



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