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  1. Hand line sinker depends on conditions, but mainly a small split shot if you do need to use one. +1 for mosquito hooks, ultra sharp and requires minimal jig for penetration. My go to hooks for DIY assist hooks for the sugapens.
  2. Grats on cracking the code for lure fishing 😁 Little advice, ditch the trebles and attach on assist hooks for the sugapen. Will make life a whole lot easier and safer for both you and the fish.
  3. Find the Hull ID usually located on right side of yak just below the seams. Right side when looking towards the stern.... Err forward facing when you are sitting in it 😁
  4. Jigging rod, medium. I'd stick a flutter fall 40-60g on it and jig have a blast 👍
  5. Pippies were decemated in the 90's, peeps were digging them up with shovels and hauling home drum fulls 😱 So if you find a patch you're pretty much guaranteed to find fish. Stir the sand up to loosen the pippies so they get taken out into the surf which acts as a burley. Crush one and slide a hook in and let it drift out and fingers cross a juicy fat bream takes the easy meal over the uncrushed pippies 👍
  6. If the weather calms down, which I don't think it will this week, go to black head point and throw a few metals, lures, floated baits, free fall baits about the point. Plenty of varieties of fish there and good squid spot also.
  7. I mainly cast lures, only bait when I'm lazy 😁 Oh, if you are looking for a local bait and tackle shop, try the guys at leisure coast bait and tackle. They are very knowledgeable about the area 👍
  8. Mainly land based, occasional Kayak and eventually a Seadoo Fish pro 🤤 I'll hit you up when I get a chance to wet a line. As for fish spots around Woonoona, you've got a fair few to play with. Bellambi boat ramp and the stones there provide you with a variety of species. The squidding is pretty good also. The ledges at coalcliff (northern end of seacliff bridge) gets you into pelagics, pigs and snappers. Headlands point is also a great playground. Most beaches hold Salmon and Tailor as well as the bread and butter and if you want somewhere safe and kid friendly you've got the lagoon for undersized flathead 😉 Wollongong harbour for yellowtail, squid and pelagics off the breakwall. Further south of Wollongong there are more playgrounds to wet a line, heck the whole of the illawarra region can offer you fresh and seawater species of all types besides trouts i think, have never caught one in the Illawarra 🤔
  9. Did you end up coming down to Shellharbour or cancelled the trip due to the horrid winds? 🤣
  10. I'm down in Calderwood and have grown up around the gong. I work shift work in Sydney so I'm usually at the apartment up there and only come down to the gong when doing the graveyard hours or on OFF days. More than happy to answer any questions about the area and if time permits meet up for a flick 👍
  11. Is a very big area 😁 It's like how Sydney encompasses a massive area. Fishingmonthly covers alot of the fishable areas of the Shaolhaven. Unfortunately it's not Wollongong so I can't really assist as it's not my area. But I can recommend Greenwell Point, decent fishing and a bloody good fish and chips cafe/restaurant.
  12. Where about in Wollongong are you planning to go?
  13. Wow, I'm glad I have a place down in the Illawarra to store my water crafts. After reading this and looking at prices for dry storage ($400 a month) or winter storage ($100 a month) I'd probably do the same and sell the trailered craft and keep the yaks 😁
  14. Might have to go for a drive down south for that price, need a 3000 to go with my 2500, 1000, 4000. 2500 and 3000 basically same thing so the extra spool would be great 😊
  15. I plus 1 the stradic also but the budget is under $200, it'd be some great haggling to get one under $200 these days 😉
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