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Bass Point ultra slow morning


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Had arranged to take Mikeparks out to bass point to get him on a Kingie so after dropping the young one at childcare I swung over to Wollongong to see if Mike had loaded up on live yakkas. Zilch, nadda, big fat donut. Lucky I had decided to hit Hill60 last night and bagged a squid before the seas got rough.

So off to Bass point we go, conditions were perfect, the swell however was a tad high but nothing dangerous so Mike kitted up with a balloon and baited on the squid head. The body I needed to try and catch some bread and butter for the missus as I had yanked the squid away from her drooling mouth in case Mike was unable to catch yakkas. She was not happy.

So there I was trying desperately to catch a bream or flathead with no luck no matter what rig I tried. After an hour and a half roughly 10.45am and a receding tide, I was rigging up yet another means to try and save my neck, I hear the other fisho say "Your mates on". Lo and behold Mikes got something and was working it towards the rocks, I see a flash of colour and while reaching for my phone (I remembered to grab it this time, almost forgot it again in the bloody car) taking a few steps over the rocks towards Mike I look up and see him standing there rod in 1 hand and looking disdainfully at the water. The fish was Gone ?.

We've come to the conclusion that Mike due to his adrenaline pumping did not set the hook ? The fish had grabbed the squid but had not taken it in and when it got close to the shelf spat the squid out with a head shake and swam off.

So the American has seen his first wild Kingfish, was close enough to smell the Kingfish but alas was not able to land his first Kingfish. Can you imagine the heartbreak? ?

It went completely quiet after that with both of us coming out empty.....the wife is gonna kill me, hopefully the Tiger prawn salad I whipped up will lessen the fury ?



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Trolled out and around Bass Point on Monday afternoon for a doughnut!  Nice on the north side of the point but there was a big south swell running once we poked our heads out of the wreck.  Heaps of colour on the sounder but nothing even had a sniff.

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