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Slow Slow Slow Day

blackfish angler

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Fished today 2/11/2016 with Broometime in  Balmain for Blackfish the day was so slow . Broometime had a big down and this rod was so loaded we knew it was a big fish the fish sat on the bottom and he could not lift it and it busted him off and he lost line and the hook .After that after hours of nothing and we were going o pull the pin I got a down and the first Blackfish so we stayed a bit longer then Broomtime got a good down and a wopper fish 44cm .So staying longer paid off .


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The fish from today that Broometime got busted up on  had to be the biggest blackfish we had while looking for the big one for sure. I would have to say it was 48 to 50 cm or even bigger so one day we will get the big one look out 48 or 50.All our fish are in the  40 cm and bigger . My 46 cm so far the big one to beat .

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