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Beakie bonanza


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Had a short session at Balmain this afternoon trying out some new ultra tiny hooks on the garries that have been schooling up around the area.

Stalked a nice plump gar and had him in the bucket first cast. A smidgen of burley got them fired up and within an hour I had a full bag and dinner sorted.


Yuna also managed a decent sized LJ which she released and a couple of garries herself.

These tiny hooks are really much better than the ones I used previously (either small luderick hooks or pan fish hooks) for the gars as they seem to be much more keen to grab the bait and swallow it. Now just to order some more...



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Well done guys!

Such an under-rated table fish, plenty of thickness in those larger ones.

Regarding the hooks, I use a size 16 suicide hook, same as for the poddies. A lot of tackle stores only go down to the 12 or 14, I'm sure you could get even smaller than the 16 on the internet if need be - I usually try and support the local stores though.

Cheers, James

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Here's the hook that I have. On the left a large octopus hook, bream hook, small blackie hook and then these. Pretty small!


I lost the first one on the first fish and thought they may be too small and easy to break so switched to a small pan hook. The fish were much less inclined to take the whole bait in their mouths with the larger hook. Switched back to the tiny ones and the fish started gobbling the baits again and I didn't have any more problems losing hooks.

The rig is pretty simple and I will post a picture soon. Stopper bead small float stopper bead (just to cushion) tiny ball sinker to swivel, then just 25-50cm trace and the tiniest hook you have. Usually a shorter trace if they are feeding on the surface. Run the stopper beads all the way up to the swivel. You probably won't have to adjust it.

As far as how, burley with oats or bread shavings and bring them in. Then you sight cast. Throw the float (needs to be small) over them with a morsel of prawn, dough, bread and wait for them to take it. When you see the bait in their mouths put a bit of pressure on the line and if it's hooked bring them in! Lots of fun when they are on the chew.

There's no point fishing for them if they aren't there either, so find a spot where they school up on a regular basis. Generally I've found spots where they will be there at a certain time of day for weeks or months.

Awesome bait and good for dinner. We split the smaller ones off for bait and deep fried the bigger guys.

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