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Jervis Bay


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Just got back as the fires around Callala Beach and Bay were getting too close for comfort and the only road in and out was closed yesterday and last night as the fire was on both sides.

According to our local friends the Kings haven't arrived inside the bay and the Slimies are also a bit thin, But good sized Snappers around and Squid in the morning.

Even the Basin was quiet for bites, which we head to if it's rough in the bay.

The swell and wind was tough yesterday and today it was to rough to even bother.

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The spear fishers have been getting kings around the 20kg inside the bay since the beginning of the last school holidays, today I was posted a pic of a 25 kg one. 

A mate has headed up there this weekend targeting them rod and reel fishing after getting good info the fish are there in better numbers. I may now be executed for mentioning it!!!

Mr Smith!!!

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Thanks for all the info & reports. Weather has been terrible down here since we arrived on Sat 20knot+ winds, 2 metre swells. My brother took our father out today at 930am. They stayed in very close. Got 3 smallish squid for a hour, tried a drift for a few flathead but the wind was making it impossible 

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