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What reel to purchase


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Hi, my wife recently purchased for my birthday two live fibre fishing rods a RLF32 - 7' 1 piece 2-4kg rod and a live fibre RLF12 6'6" 1 piece 4-6kg rod.  Was wondering what would be the best reel to match with these two rods - usually prefer Shimano reels. Any help would be appreciated.  Will be using on mates baot predomiantely on Pittwater.

Many thanks.

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How much do you want to spend?

A Stradic in 2500 or 3000 would be the top choice if you are happy to fork out the $200 or $250 for the 2-4kg rod. Otherwise a Symetre is good value at around $130 although I do know one popular boating/camping store has them for $89 at present. Plenty of other good low-mid range reels up to the Stradic too.

For the heavier setup my guess is a 4000 reel, possibly a baitrunner could do the job nicely.

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I have a few Stradic ci4+ but just picked up 2 Raernium 3000.  They are being run out at the moment, and are excellent value. 7 kg drag . Perfect for both rods.   Do some research. They are hard to beat!   Howard.   

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