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Simple drive on/off aid


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Simply drive on up to the winch post or a foot or so short,Dangle the weighted hook over the side to hook the underside of the mudguard while the outboard is still in gear and running,then tie off to the rear bollard/cleat/rail or in my case I choose to use a Carabina and clip on to a length of rope.

  Shut the engine off and tilt up (The rope will hold your boat from rolling back)then hop out and put the winch strap on and safety chain before pulling out.

I drive on to the winch post,clip on and put the engine in reverse to pull back on the rope and apply tension then switch off,raise the outboard and give my mrs that's been in the car the whole time the signal to drive up the ramp and then in the staging area I'll hop out and attach the winch strap/safety chain.





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