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Left Muffs On


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Hi Guys,

 Had a day off last Friday so managed to get a morning and arvo fishing session. Even with 20-25km winds and a lot of chop (lake Illawarra) managed to catch a few flattys.

 As I went to wash my boat after the arvo session I couldn't find my boat muffs and to my horror I found them on the leg of my outboard. They covered about 80% of the intake and aren't the tightest either.

 Now I'm starting to worry how much damage I have done. Due to the conditions I probably only reached max speed of 10-15knots with the longest duration about 5 mins and all up about 20mins worth of running time. Due to the wind and chop I'm thinking I wouldn't of heard the temp alarm if it did go off.

 The engine is a 2011 50hp Suzuki 4 stroke and only recently got a 100hr service wich included a new impeller. Should I just check the impeller and if it looks fine it's safe to say there was no damage? 

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Who hasn't done that!

Generally the over temperature alarms are hard to miss so I would be surprised if you didn't hear it.

I took the boat out once with the earmuffs on but the alarm didn'y go off...I just noticed there was something odd about the feel of the boat when it went up on the plane.

The alarm did go off once though when a plastic bag wrapped itself around the motor leg.

Hope it works out ok







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12 minutes ago, haynze said:

Cheers guys, it's put my mind at ease a bit.

 Thinking I might still have a look at the impeller though

For your own peace of mind I'd drop the leg and have a look otherwise it will play on your mind.

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