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Sydney Harbour 11/11/2016


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Hi Raiders,

Did the rounds of Sydney Harbour and just out side the heads today.

South head has a few salmon as does North Head although they are nothing like the football sized boils we saw last year around this time.

Saw plenty of boats at the Artificial Reef where last month there were a lot of Samson Fish but I didn't see any hookups while I was there.

I also tried the Colours but the sounder showed very little, It was about that point that a whale breached about 30 meters from me which is always a very cool thing to see.

The swell was low at about 0.8 of a meter but the 20klm/h wind made it a little choppy. Water temp was 20.3

A trolled South Head from the habour to Rosa gully with a skirted lure and a bibbed lure but no takers this week.

I decided to head back inside because the run out time and the wind were ideal for Sow & Pigs where I burleyed hard for about 15 minutes and caught probably 20 good sized bream in 30 minutes.  That was good fun as they were hitting the unweighted baits very hard. There was the odd trevaly among them but the bream far outweighed them. They all went back.

I have a video on this but I left the Go Pro on the boat which is currently in storage at a Marina as I had a trailer disaster on this trip which I am going to post about shortly.

I will add the video to this post shortly so you can see how quickly the bream were landed.

Tailor were again dominant in the harbour and I find "matching the hatch" with them is less important with then compared to Salmon so I just tossed a little metal at them for a take on just about every cast.

One of the harbour's well know tour guides was doing the same to keep his clients busy because I suspect he was not producing Kings for them.

I hooked a few 30cm models which disgorged tiny bait fish resembling 3cm pilchards. Not sure what they were but obviously that was what they were feeding on.

Headed home at about 11:30 and before loading the boat on to the trailer I gave it a quick check to see if I could isolate the cause of the noise. I found it and it was not good.


Cheers and good luck over the weekend.









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