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Laurieton fishing.


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So I had to take a weeks rec leave (ya get that) Anyway I headed up to Laurieton to catch up with, and check up on my best mate (DAD)

We fished the river, Thu, Fri  and Sat:  Caught a head of throw back bream, a couple of lizards that found their way to the dinner table. It was precious time spent with the old boy (Don...84)

I also caught, what I believe to be a wrasse or rainbow fish ??

Can these very colourful fish be eaten, is there a size limit ??   I returned this little gem to fight another day in the river, so yeah can anyone tell me more about the wrasse ??

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Hi Hobbitt.

I learned how to catch Beach worms in Laurieton and will be forever grateful!

Regarding the wrasse, I'm with Blackfish on this one. There and many different species, it's pretty hard to get info from the DPI as many wrasse caught look similar and colors change over time.

There is a protection on the elegant wrasse however it's been a long time since I've caught one, most will be the common mauri wrasse which to my knowledge (please double check) is fine to keep.

Taste-wise I highly rate wrasse, we used to cook them over the hot coals @ Catherine Hill Bay when camping & rock fishing, nothing better!

Cheers, James.

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Thanks lads, I should taken the mobile, and a pic...... BUT didn't. Oh well, all I can say is, as for a description..........

The little bugger looked like he was wearing a South Sydney rabbitoh's footy jumper, green with red stripes. Went about 20cm.


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