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Seal Rocks advice please


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Hi everyone, new guy here.  Sorry for my first post to be asking for advice but here goes...

I'm heading to Seal Rocks on Friday for a weekend of fishing (pumped!).  Never fished the area before and haven't really found much via google searches.

I found a few gps marks on the net but no reference to what they are and I was wondering if anybody with experience in that area could offer some suggestions of where to try?  I'm chasing whatever's biting really.  Snapper, kings?  Any current info would be great.

Also any known spots to get livebait?


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Head North to 3Miles off Baldface.Very good kings and reds at times.Look for pro traps.Lots of reef heading North from here.The pros call this the New Ground.Baldface is an obvious half moon shaped cliff .Can be lots of trag or jew also.Plenty of flathead anywhere,often plenty of current around .The bait comes mainly in autumn,when you get much more fish than November but still good.Let us know how your beach launching goes,good luck.There is also a reef rising to 10 m a mile off the beach a mile out and a little north.you catch big pigs here with prawn.The Skeleton looks great but is best for surface fish trolling,or gathering slimies,


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