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Installing New Tow bar pt 1


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Hi guys,I thought I'd document how I install Towbars/electrics on my Car that I recently purchased to help others that may be thinking of doing the same for whatever reasons.

I'll be doing it on my Kia Cerato but many makes and models the basics I'll go through are the same.

Once you purchase your Towbar kit for your make and model you'll usually get the towbar,mounting hardware,and any electrics required.

Brand is entirely up to you just make sure you specify the correct one for your make and model exactly.

I:e.  Hatch/sedan,year etc.

Heres my towbar kit.image.jpg

Usually when installing towbars there's a few things involved.Some installations pretty much bolt on as you have clearance at the rear of the vehicle whilst others require some removal of things like bumper bars,Muffler/s,Tail lights,boot trim etc.

I was unfortunate  like usual an pretty much had to remove the lot including bumper,tail lights,dropping the muffler,boot trim and disconnecting the reversing sensors from the bumper.

Here she is 1/2 hour later.image.jpgAll towbars are mounted/bolted to the chassis rails as this is the strongest attachment point on the vehicle.These days vehicles come with threaded holes in the chassis rails for this purpose and are exposed at times or hidden under a rubber grommet.

When installing the bolts make sure you use red thread locker (Loctite) on the threads to prevent them coming loose over time and tighten them to the required torque using a torque wrench.

Some towbar kits come with torque specs and others don't and will require you to find what they are from the cars manufacturer. 

Here the towbar has been lifted in to position(easier with 2 people)and all the bolts Have been loctited and torqued to specs.

Did I mention it's easier to lift it in position with 2 people?I need to listen to my own advice because my forearms are like Popeyes at the moment.image.jpg

continued Part 2.


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