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Installing New Tow bar pt 2


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That's  the Tow bar all finished being mounted now to set up the electrics.

Have a look for any existing grommets/blanks you can utilise to feed your trailer plug wiring through the beaver panel into the boot to connect up to your existing tail lights to prevent you from having to drill holes through your sheet metal,painting the hole and installing a new grommet.

Here I'm going to use the existing grommet that feeds power to my reversing sensors to feed the trailer plugs cable through into the boot by piercing a small hole through it with a screwdriver.image.jpg

the trailer plug has been feed through and is a nice snug fit to prevent water entering the boot area.image.jpg

Tow bar assembled,bumper bar re-installed,lights installed and plug feed into boot ready to hardwire into existing electrics.

All that's left to do is cut the lower portion of the bumper bar and wire the electrics.

That's as far as I got in the hour or so I spent on image.jpgit and will continue in part 3.


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