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Bony Bream

Captain Pugwash

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Gidday fellow Raiders,

I am looking for advice / assistance.

I have a couple of dams on our family farm stocked with natives. The only fodder fish in them is bloody gambusia. I have also put in yabbies and shrimp but I would love to stock some Bony Bream in there. I have scoured the "net" looking for where to buy them but it seems impossible as there are so plentiful in the our western rivers. But I'm told that they are VERY difficult to catch / trap and die very easily if they are handled by humans. 

I was hoping someone might be able to steer me in the right direction on how I can source some.



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Sorry I can't help with where to source them Peter, but the other info you have is correct. I assume you're looking at the bony bream as being food for the stocked natives. I'll contact our local Cod hatchery and ask their advice. Will pm you if I get anything useful. Cheers, BN

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