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Get a Bit Extra from Tohatsu 9.9hp


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Hi All,

I have a 3.7m AllyCraft tinny with a 9.9hp 2-stroke Tohatsu. Boat goes well, get on the plane even with 3 people in it.

Any ideas how I can eke a tiny bit extra performance from the motor? It is essentially a 15hp restricted to 9.9hp. Not sure if there is an easy fix to remove a restrictor plate or swap a carbie from a 15hp model? 

I eventually plan to swap for a 20 or 25hp but until then happy to tinker with this motor. Motor is currently set to the correct height with the anti ventilation plate in line with the bottom of the transom.

Any tips or tricks appreciated.



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Unlike the other outboard companies the Tohatsu is not a de-rated 15hp, so at best you can change props for more top end.


I would sell and upgrade to the newest motor you can afford or are will to spend or keep the 9.9hp until she dies and enjoy.



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I had the same issue on my old boat, started with a 6hp which was ok with one person but anymore and it was too slow, so i upgrade to a 15hp and it made a big difference, then since it was faster i took more people, so the boat became to small, So i upgraded the boat in length and a 25hp and that was a lot better again.


it never stops apparently, its a bit of a sickness


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