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Installing New Tow Bar pt 4


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Ok,Now that you've found all your power wires at the cars wiring harness it's time to join the wiring from the plug to it.

Theres a few ways of doing it as I mentioned earlier you can track down where the main wiring starts to branch off to either side of the car and splice there or you can run your wiring yellow(Left indicator),brown(Parkers),red(Stop lamps),white(Earth/Ground), to the Left tail light harness and then run the green(Right indicator) to the right tail light as I have done.

The blue(service brakes)and the black(reversing lights) I've left disconnected as my trailer has neither.(If yours has use these wires also).

like I said previously,I like to splice/solder and heat shrink all my joints but I have run out of materials and will use the joiners provided as that's what I have and will redo them with solder if and when they fail.

To be fair with these type of joiners they are fairly reliable as long as they're  protected from the elements.

You guys running utes will find that the soldering method is the best l.My hilux  had these same connectors fitted from factory which  I'm about to use and they failed from being exposed to the elements under the tray which I have since redone with solder.

here's the connector which has one hole that goes right through and the other is blocked on one end.

You clip the connector over the existing power wire in your harness so that the wire sits in the hole that runs right through then put the corresponding plug wire in the hole that's plugged and squeeze the connector terminal down onto the wires which will cut through the insulation making a solid connection.

Then simply close the plastic clip on the connector.image.jpgHer you can see the connector has been fitted to the yellow wire on the tail light harness and the green wire from the trailer socket has been spliced into it by the connector.

Remember that's the right indicators now wired.image.jpgNotice how the green wire doesn't go right through?Thats the side you want it on,the plugged side.

Now for the Left tail light assembly wiring.We need to connect the white,yellow,red and brown to the existing harness in the same way as the left tail light.

Left tail light wiring has been spliced into and wires tidied up with cable ties.image.jpg

Continued pt 5

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